General Admission

Have you got a General Admission Floor Ticket (GA) to see your favourite band/artist? If you don’t see a door number on your ticket, it’s because GA patrons will enter the Theatre via the GA Entry on the western end of Moriarty Walk closest to Darling Drive. 

Getting Here Map.

If you plan on queuing early on the day, we’ve got a few handy tips for you:

  • ensure you are well rested the night before the event
  • prepare for event day weather conditions
  • stay hydrated (eat a good meal and drink plenty of water)
  • make yourself comfortable once lined up by sitting down and relaxing.

Please note that GA patrons are not permitted to line up at the venue before 8am on the day of the event.

    And don’t forget:

    • bags/backpacks larger than an A4 sheet of paper will not be permitted into the venue
    • the Cloakroom is located along Tumbalong Boulevard next to Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour (refer to map)
    • GA patrons must enter through the Western end of Moriarty Walk; the entrance is adjacent to Darling Drive (refer to map). Please note that any prohibited items must be cloaked before entering the venue
    • sharp or dangerous objects, including but not limited to studded belts, jackets, spiked wrist or neck bands, wallet chains etc., will not be permitted into the venue
    • outside food and drink, bottles, cans (including glass or metal) and alcohol will not be permitted into the venue
    • professional video and photo cameras (i.e. cameras with a detachable or telephoto lens 7cm and above) will not be permitted
    • any Patron, 15 years or under, must be accompanied by an adult.

    Read ICC Sydney Theatre’s full prohibited items list and conditions of entry here.

    Conditions of Entry - Prohibited items.

    General Admission / Standing Patrons Regulations

    ICC Sydney Theatre is committed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons – Please see below for helpful safety tips whilst on the General Admission (GA) Standing Floor:

    • no moshing, crowd surfing and being elevated by others – any activities that are deemed to be dangerous may result in your eviction from the event and venue
    • you may experience overheating due to crowd density and / or dancing whilst on the GA Standing Floor which is done at your own risk
    • make sure you keep well hydrated and if you require water, seek assistance from Venue team members. There is also a Free Hydration Station on the Floor next to the entry
    • take a break and move out of the crowd into the foyer areas or at the rear of the floor where there is more space
    • look out for each other! If you see someone around you in distress, seek assistance / alert ushering / security personnel immediately
    • patrons must wear footwear at all times and bare feet will not be permitted
    • medical first aid staff are available at all times during the event and are positioned at either side of the floor area.