P1Harmony: The Wave Back to New Zealand and Australia 

P1Harmony, a K-pop sensation brought to life by FNC Entertainment, made their grand entrance into the music scene in 2020. The group consists of six members: KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB and are known for their powerful performances and versatile music style. With their unique blend of charisma, talent, and stage presence, P1Harmony continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Since their debut, P1Harmony has achieved notable success in the K-pop industry. They received the ‘New Artist of the Year’ award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards and have been recognized for their impactful choreography and strong vocal performances. Additionally, their debut album “DISHARMONY: STAND OUT” garnered positive reviews and charted well in both domestic and international music charts.  

In 2023, P1Harmony embarked on a memorable tour around the world, marking a significant milestone in their career. The tour, which spanned multiple cities across the country, attracted a diverse audience of fans eager to experience the group’s electrifying performances firsthand.  

In 2024, P1Harmony thrilled fans with news of their return to the stages of Australia and New Zealand. Following their previous successful tour, the group eagerly embraced the chance to reconnect with their dedicated supporters in the region.  

Get ready to show your love and support for P1Harmony as they continue to captive audiences around the world. Let’s make their return to New Zealand and Australia an unforgettable celebration of music and unity! 



Q: Can I camp out over night?  

A: Queuing cannot occur at the venue prior to 8am on each show day.  

Q: Can I bring a light stick / light ring? 
A: Each patron is welcome to bring one light stick or light ring measuring under 30cm (30cm height x 30cm width for light rings) of any brand. Light sticks will be limited to one per patron.

Q: Can I bring spare batteries for my light stick? 
A: Batteries are not allowed in our venue. We recommend changing the batteries of the light stick before you leave to ensure it has enough battery life for the night.  

Q: Can I wear chains? 
A: Chains of any sort are not permitted, including those on clothing. Please leave these items at home.   

Q: Can I bring a handheld battery-operated fan? 
A: Battery-operated fans are not permitted as the venue is indoors and air-conditioned.   

Q: Can I bring a paper fan? 
A: You’re welcome to bring a paper fan only if it can fit inside your 15cm x 20cm bag.

Q: Can I bring glow sticks? 
A: From a safety and sustainability perspective, glow sticks (wearable or handheld) are not permitted into the venue. 

Q:  What is the difference between a light stick and a glow stick?
A: Light sticks are generally a plastic wand that is battery operated. Glow sticks are translucent plastic tubes which contain chemical substances and does not require an electrical power source to produce light. 

Q: Why are glow sticks not permitted? 
A: ICC Sydney is committed to being as sustainable as possible by reducing the environmental impact of events. The chemicals inside of glow sticks are harmful to the environment, especially amphibians and aquatic animals. They also introduce more single use plastics to landfill.  

Q: Why are light sticks / rings permitted?
A: Due to the nature of this event, ICC Sydney has made an exception to permit one light stick under 30cm per patron into the venue. ICC Sydney encourages patrons to hold onto their light sticks and take it home as a souvenir. If patrons wish to dispose of their batteries after the show, ICC Sydney is pleased to help patrons sustainably dispose of the batteries from their light sticks, courtesy of our battery recycling bins which will be available at the main exits.